2020 Lacrosse Season Meeting

Posted by Kingston Lacrosse Association on Jan 21 2020 at 02:25PM PST in Krossfire 2020



We need ALL families with an interest in playing lacrosse in 2020 to be represented at this planning meeting. We need NEW people to come out and support this association.

The only way to ensure your child can play lacrosse going forward is to come out and contribute. We need some people to contribute in bigger ways than others but we need everyone to come out to show support. We had great feedback after last season and we want to grow and continue that success.

Here are some of the major roles we need filled ASAP. Please read and consider. They require no lacrosse knowledge or experience. If you think you may be interested, please let me know before the meeting if you can.

President: Oversees the operation of the association – ensures operations are in compliance with the OLA. Represents or ensures we have representation at zone 5 meetings. Has signing authority. Tana Wells (acting president) will help guide someone into this role over the course of this year.

Vice President: Assists the President with the operation of the association. Shares in the responsibilities of ensuring the association is represented at zone 5 meetings. Has signing authority.

Secretary: · Receive and disperse all correspondence. Record and distribute minutes of all KLA Board, Annual and other meetings of the Association. Maintain a list of all Directors and contact information.
Has signing authority.

Treasurer: Responsible for all the financial record-keeping for the association. Formulate a budget for the season. Keep an accurate account of all receipts and disbursements. Prepare and present an annual financial statement at the Annual General Meeting. Has Signing Authority.

Registrar: Responsible for organizing and completing the online registration of all players. Assisting people with the online process when needed. Our past registrar will work with someone new to get them comfortable with this role.

Any questions feel free to ask by contacting Tana Wells at